Das Impulse-Café
Ein Ort zum Austauschen mit interessanten Menschen!


Welcome to the Impulse-Café
on the edge of the world!

We have created a location on the basis of John Strelecky’s story of „The Café on the Edge of the World“. Well, Ihrlerstein is a small village. But it es a perfect place surrounded by nature to meet up with experts and exchange ideas and perspectives of everyday topics. We are planning monthly incentives with varying topics concerning everyday issues, mental and bodily health with time for reflection and fun.


For every event we will invite a competent speaker who will give us an engaging input.

You may look forward to an interactive, lively and inspirational demonstration of the speaker’s knowledge and experience. This may be accompanied by virtual tools. We can all benefit from the impulses we receive by pondering on their potential impact on our own lives. After the speaker’s input we can exchange our ideas, arguments and own experiences with this topic in the homely atmosphere of peers and friends. Well, maybe this event gives you the impulse, idea or motivation you were always looking for…?



The proceeds of your donations are solely for the speaker.

The Impulse-Café’s gain is not money!

The Impulse-Café is about getting people together, spending time together learning from each other, exchanging points of view and experiences and empowering each other with ideas and motivation. This is great quality time we want to enjoy! The result of which is a huge benefit that cannot be measured by numbers.

The speaker however did put in a lot of energy in planning, preparing and presenting his case. And we want the speaker to be able to cover his travel expenses. So for this we are asking you for a contribution. Your ticket money goes to 100% to the speaker of the event.

Here you can look up the events and topics in 2021: